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6 - Meteoroid


I just saw this request so answering a little late but here is my story.  I am currently laid off due to Covid 19.  I have over 25 years experience in the IT field ranging from developer, team lead, analyst, DBA Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager of large application development and infrastructure programs.  I have consulted for many years.  After I obtain an Alteryx Core Certification I plan to pivot into the Data Science sector marrying my past experiences with this new skillset.  I love, love, love the product and I have found the online and summer camp classes very helpful.  At a minimum I plan to help influence my next client to take a look at Alteryx for their data needs.  I have worked with many companies and I know the pains of merging data together to get the most important analytics quickly so that decisions can be made and strategy can be defined.  The Alteryx product makes it so easy to do and enables all stakeholders with the ability to reach the data.  I love it so much that I bought some stock in the company.  I hope to certify over the two weeks.  A BIG THANK YOU to Alteryx all involved in the ADAPT program.  Every person I have encountered is very sharp and I have been very impressed.  Please contact me if the Alteryx company is looking for someone with my skillset as I would love to work at Alteryx or with a client company of Alteryx. 


Thanks so much,


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I work as SAP Security Consultant in a reputed organization. I have developed interest towards data science and since one year, exploring all different ways which can help me attain my ultimate goal of becoming a data scientist. Hope this ADAPT Program would help me become one and would always advise my friends or colleagues to take this one.

5 - Atom


I'm a Business Analyst looking for new job opportunities using business intelligence tools and with the ADAPT program, it's going to be a great start fulfill my objective skilling up my analytical skills and complement my knowledge in logistics and Supply Chain.