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SAML and Gallery API Best Practices

5 - Atom

Hello Dev Community, 


My team and I want to leverage the Gallery API via our internal website. We setup SAML credentials from our internal site to the Gallery. Are there any best practices for leveraging the APIs in the gallery using SAML? I have read some people leverage the collections, subscriptions, etc. I think our area of confusion is how do we link the logged in user to the actual job we want to run. Any thoughts, suggestion, links would be greatly appreciated. 




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @DataInDenver ,


You will find an interactive api documentation in your Alteryx Server where it shows all the possible requests: http://yourserverIP/gallery/api-docs/

If you don't have Alteryx server yet, you can see the documentation from the public gallery, but won't be able to test it out.


To create your API keys, the curator must allow under the subscription tab and, if you want to use the admin API, the curator needs to allow that in your user page (you need to be a curator to be able to use those admin calls)


The API key is linked to the subscription the user has access to. In order, you will have to:

  1. Find workflows in a subscription to get the app ID
  2. Queue an app execution job. It will insert the app in the queue and will return the jobID
  3. Return job output if needed

Since it is all related to the subscription key of a specific user, it will be already linked.



Fernando Vizcaino