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Publishing workflows with encrypted password to the Gallery


Hi @dalym - at this point, I would recommend reaching out to Customer Support. They can help you troubleshoot this issue further. Thanks!


Did you ever find a solution for this? I've got the same issue and even tried re-installing 2019.3, but nothing seems to bring back the new version of the input tool....


You might need to re-install the Salesforce tools from the Gallery. 


Per my earlier comment, my first solution was to use a depreciated version of the Salesforce tools.  However, after I had trouble with the new Salesforce tools I also noticed trouble with the Python tool - output from Python programs weren't being passed back into Alteryx.  While researching that, I found a post from the author of the Python tool saying that there was a bug in 2019.2 that caused trouble with Miniconda when you were working from a drive other than C: with spaces in the path (IT wants me to use the E: drive), so I reinstalled Alteryx Server in a file path without spaces ("ProgramFiles" instead of "Program Files").  I'm not 100% sure that's the reason that things are working for me now, but it might be worth trying.