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Alteryx Server Gallery API Complete Models schema detail like XSD?

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I couldn't find any document in full details what gonna be return by gallery api call. is not complete.

I can make the integration work fine right now but if some one can provide me the complete schema that would be great.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @TungTran,


Thanks for reaching out. Each Gallery API call will return different information based on the endpoint. For example, /v1/workflows/subscription/ will return information for every workflow in the provided subscription (studio). You can see the schema by expanding the endpoint you are interested in. Please see the screenshot. I recommend using the interactive docs you linked, plugging in your key and secret, and testing out the calls. You can also do this for your own Gallery. I hope that helps. If not, please feel free to engage our Customer Support.



Matt Braun
Product Manager - Enterprise