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Have you ever tried to learn something about Computer Vision and immediately felt like this?






If so, stay tuned! At Alteryx, we are incredibly passionate and excited about our new suite of Computer Vision tools. Speaking for myself, I can safely say that I’m a big ol’ nerd when it comes to anything Computer Vision related. Even though I look at these things nearly every day, one frustration I’ve felt is how technical a lot of the discussions around the field can be. This makes it difficult for many people to use or understand Computer Vision techniques effectively. 


In this talk, we’ll get into two of the Computer Vision modeling approaches we’ve integrated into Alteryx and try to understand exactly what’s going on under the hood.




Thanks for checking out this talk! If you want to use the models that we discussed in the video, the Image Template and Image to Text tools can be found in Intelligence Suite’s Computer Vision tool category. For further reading/viewing, check out the links in Recommended Resources below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!



What questions do you have about computer vision and these new tools in Designer? Which other tools or data science concepts would you like to see addressed here on the blog? Let us know with a comment, and be sure to subscribe to the blog to get future articles.


Recommended resources



Blog teaser photo by Umberto on Unsplash