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2019 Q2 - MACROS - Meeting Recap

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus


Wow what a turn out today, thanks to all who came and contributed to our Q2 User Group, we are becoming a crowd and I love it. I must book the next room soon, to ensure we have enough room for our growing community. 

Our Q2 AttendeesOur Q2 Attendees




Today we covered Macros.


We started off with Chris Love giving an overview of Macros. For those who just loved the Darth Iterative Macro its attached! Chris walked us through, Standard, Iterative and Batch Macros.


Chris Love and all that is MacrosChris Love and all that is Macros


Then I presented Iain Sterland's clever Stratified Sampler Macro, with fabulous icon. See attached slides for the clever XML trickery. :D 

Thank you Iain.


James, presented using Macros to change dates and formula to ensure that on a Monday all the weekend information was downloaded from Google Analytics, whereas on a Tuesday only the previous day's information needed to be downloaded. Great use of ensuring you only do what you need when you need it.

James Grady - Google AnalyticsJames Grady - Google Analytics

Then came the MOB CHALLENGE, this was great learning for most around using Macros. There are so many ways to achieve something in Alteryx. We all have very different ideas on how to solve this one. For those of you interested we did Weekly Challenge #77 - Factorial Calculator Macro.


Mob Challenge Time - Macro EditionMob Challenge Time - Macro Edition

We ended on a high :) When we realised Alteryx can do pretty much anything but open a doughnut box!



Alteryx can do anything but open a doughnut box :DAlteryx can do anything but open a doughnut box :D


Slides and Iterative Macro attached from Chris. Hope you all had a great meeting. 


Our next scheduled meeting is 20th September where we will cover Webscraping. Chris Love may be able to pop back and show us some wonderful scraping of football information and displaying it in Tableau. He also reminded us that the Information Lab hold free courses for learning. So if you need / want to learn more, have a look.


Also please let me know your interest for a certification meeting / learning before taking in one hit. We are also running low on the topics you would like to cover, so if you have developing interests please add them to our 2019 meeting feed, or reply here.




7 - Meteor

Hey Sam and fellow Alteryx Users... thanks for organising the event today, it was good fun and I love the passion and love that you all have for Alteryx. I hope to join you in future meetings as we continue our journey together!


Thanks again for making me feel so welcome and I realize just how much I have to learn about this great platform.


Next meeting, I hope to be able to have a greater contribution to the Weekly challenge... It was great to see how everyone contributed their ideas to the solution!



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Thanks for the great feedback, you are more than welcome. I look forward to seeing your journey with Alteryx over the coming months.

Dont forget to contribute ideas here on the community for future meetings that will help and support you.

It was a great meeting, loved meeting all the new faces.


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8 - Asteroid

It looked like another fantastic meeting. Thank you @Samanthaj_hughes for posting the slides.

Also, it's great to see that @gradyjofficial presented from Wolseley!