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Started using Alteryx!


Hi all,


I've just started my new job and we use Alteryx on a regular basis so hello to other community members on here! I have only done some very basic and tentative training on this software and am impressed by the array of tools I can call upon.


However, since data analytics is not my strong point there will be (many!) periods where I will find myself stuck. Of course, usage over time will amend that but I wanted to know if there is a good beginner's guide to Alteryx for someone like me (I'm using the 10.0 version) that will help as I get to grips with this software?





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @KGY, welcome to the Alteryx Community!


There are several resources available to help you get started:



Perhaps to rest of the community will have other resources or guides to share!




Thanks @julieH - I'll take a peek through these links and if any member reading this has anything that would be worth me looking at, feel free to drop me a line!