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Expert Certification - advice on how to prepare, and are you in?




Looking for any advice on preparing for the Expert certification exam. Haven't gone for it yet, but thinking of doing so at Inspire this year.

I'll admit, I'm both intrigued and petrified.


Who all is going for it this year?




Hi @EstherB47 !


Well having taken it and done, well, let's just say "less spectacularly than I would have liked" the first time, I can at least tell you what NOT to do :) 


1. Don't stress about it, but DO prepare for it... you'll be given a short list of what generally *might* be on the exam ahead of time, so take those hints and study up on them in depth. Do not rely on your ability to quickly search for examples on the Community or in Sample workflows while in the middle of the test... this is NOT an efficient time-management strategy haha, and walking into it with a "let's just wing it" strategy did not pan out well (for me, at least).

2. Explore some of the less frequently used tools ahead of time - the Expert exam seems to be designed to test your knowledge of the entire platform, not just the favorite 50% of the tools that are most frequently used in the Weekly Challenges. So the more familiar you are with some of those less familiar tools, the less surprised you will be come exam day.

3. And finally, my most important piece of advice... don't take the exam at Europe Inspire on a European keyboard where all the keys are in different places than the American keyboards you are used to using. :)


I'll be taking it again in Nashville, and I hope to see you there!! 





Thanks for all of the great advice, @NicoleJohnson ! I'm still undecided, but leaning towards trying for it. In any case, I'll definitely be seeing you in Nashville!