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6 - Meteoroid

How can i get the download option here?

5 - Atom

When I load the workflow I am getting the below error. Can someone please advise how I resolve this?





@CloonanThat error message looks like an indicator that you do not have Predictive Tools installed for this Designer version. The Predictive RTools installer can be found under Alteryx Designer at downloads.alteryx.com

8 - Asteroid

Do I need to be logged in as an Admin to install these tools?

8 - Asteroid

I find it best to specify the contriburl argument in install.packages() because some of the packages in 4.1 aren't compatible with the packages bundled with the latest version of Alteryx. Check out my post on the subject.

8 - Asteroid

This app won't work for every package because it draws from a CRAN that is continually updated by many packages authors (over 18,000 packages), whereas Predictive Tools is not continually updated. The best way for Alteryx to solve this issue is to host your own CRAN - one that is not updated by regular package authors. In other words, provide a snapshot of ALL R packages that were available at the time Alteryx developed Predictive Tools. Then, in this app, change the repo argument in install.packages() to the CRAN hosted by Alteryx. Check out my idea on the subject. Until then, installing new R packages with Alteryx is nothing more than a cause for a bug report.

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Can someone please help with this error?


8 - Asteroid

I've never experienced this error code before. What package were you trying to install, please? I did a quick Google search and this error code pops up for all sorts of programs, indicating it might not be R/Alteryx causing the problem.

5 - Atom

It is for the xlsx package!

8 - Asteroid

I've got two suggestions, the second one is a bit lame - reinstall - but hopefully the first suggestion will work for you... I have just tried this on my machine, which runs Alteryx 2022.1 (R-4.1.3), and it works. 


Install the xlsx package using R

If there is a problem installing an R package within Alteryx, then you should try installing an R package outside of Alteryx. I'll assume you don't know how to do this, so I will walk you through.


  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory where Alteryx is installed, e.g. C:\Program Files\Alteryx.
  • Open the R directory, which should look like R-x.x.x, where the x's are numbers specifying the R version Alteryx uses. For instance, my R directory is R-4.1.3.
  • Open R.exe, located in the bin directory, this is the R console and it is what Alteryx runs when you run an R tool.
  • Please type the command below - the full-stop/period is important. What you will see are the directories that packages are typically stored in. The very first directory that you have write access to is where your package will be installed. Please note that running this within a R tool may yield different results (we'll come to that later).




  • Now we will install xlsx by typing the following




  • A pop-up will appear asking you to pick a CRAN mirror. Any are fine, I usually use the top one, Cloud-0 (or something like that). A CRAN mirror is a location where all of the packages are available for people to download and install.
  • Issuing this command should install two packages: xlsx (second) and its dependency xlsxjars (first). It will also say where temporary files are downloaded and where the package is ultimately installed (the first writable location in .libPaths()).
  • Let's test out our installation by typing this




  • If nothing happens, then it has installed correctly!


So, now we need to use this in Alteryx! Make a note of the location of the package (ie. whatever R tells you when you installed the package) and pop this command in a R Tool


library("xlsx", lib.loc = "full/path/where/the/package/directory/exists")



For example, if your package is here, C:\Users\my_name\Documents\R\win-library\4.1\xlsx, then type this in a R tool (note the forward slashes - backslashes have a special meaning in R)


library("xlsx", lib.loc = "C:/Users/my_name/Documents/R/win-library/4.1")



Then carry on with the rest of your R code! Please note, if you output .libPaths() in a R Tool, you may find that the location of your xlsx package is already in the list. If this is the case, then you don't need to specify the lib.loc argument.


Good luck!

5 - Atom

Very helpful, thank you!