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7 - Meteor

Hi :)


I successfully installed the Google Drive Tool in my Alteryx, but when I want to connect to a Google Drive via "Sign in Using Web Browser" or "Get Files from URL" this error message appears in the browser:




It says: Google did not verify this app. The app wants to access confidental data in your Google-account. Only use this app when the developer has verified it with Google.


What can I do to solve this issue?


Thanks a lot in advance!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Continue on anyway...the underlined word at the bottom left will allow you to proceed.

5 - Atom

Does this support reading and writing from team drives? 

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@lepome having a non-Google verified app available on gallery is probably not the best user experience. Also from a corporate customer perspective it would be a big red flag for users, so saying "continue on anyway..." isn't best approach from an information security perspective.




7 - Meteor

Does anyone know how to input a CSV file that does not have delimiters? I have a file that is generated as CSV but everything is in its own cell. I can't upload the file but it looks like a normal excel just as a CSV. Whenever I input the CSV I get 0 records.

8 - Asteroid

I used the version 1.1.1 and am able to see Shared Drives including Team drives. However, the challenge is that the tool seems glitchy in that it take a long while at times to refresh. I have to kill the Desktop from Task Manager and then save the recovered workflow. 

Additionally, sometimes while trying to drill down subfolders, the tool just reverts back to the root folders/Shared drives. It is very frustrating and annoying. 


Cannot use a functional ID to connect. You can either use your own login or a Client ID/Secret to connect. Haven't yet tested on the server, so cannot comment on that, the reason being that the server instance of the workflow uses a different userID that may or may not have access to the same shared/team drives as the individual running on the desktop. Need a "connect as" option or DCM to run on the server.

5 - Atom


I was working on workflow where output needs to be saved in Google drive, which is working as expected in Alteryx desktop but the same Workflow is throwing below error in server as "Failed to authenticate". Any help on this is truly Appreciated. 



Screenshot 2024-02-20 153928.png