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CHI UG Q3 Recap

7 - Meteor



thank-you-you-have-good-skills.jpgWe (CHI UG Team) would like take a cue from Napolean and say, THANK YOU for attending!



  • The submission window for entering a Use-Case for Inspire Europe has been extended to Aug 30th, so there is still time to submit your Use Case! There is a brilliant article on the community highlighting one of our leaders @Caleb, a first-round Use Case winner at Inspire Anaheim.  
  • If you missed the meeting, don't worry, we have you covered. The deck used for our meeting is attached, so feel free to browse through. 
  • A big thank you to Slalom for hosting us! 


8/15 MEETING RECAPChicago Q3 User GroupChicago Q3 User Group

 USE CASE | Rise Interactive| Todd Martin and Megan McGowan

  • Follet Use Case - A brilliant use of Alteryx to streamline ETL processes,  bulky/data-intensive projects and scaling solutions at an enterprise level. 
  • Check out pages 13 to 21 in the attached deck for the full success story

ALTERYX FOR GOOD | Thrive Chicago | Mackenzie Magnus (

  • We (being the Chicago User Group Members) are going to start working on an Alteryx For GOOD project with Thrive Chicago.  They are just starting to work with Alteryx Designer and we will aim to build new tools and identify pain points to help the organization. 
  • Mission: "Thrive Chicago mobilizes the ecosystem of youth-serving organizations to collaborate and innovate to improve outcomes for Chicago's youth at scale." -
  • Take a look at pages 23 - 43 on attached deck for more background on the organization, their data structure, and existing challenges.
  • SIGN UP on the LARGE LINK below, and fill out the brief online form (it is really brief and it just goes to us) and we will email everyone with details. 



 Community | @MarqueeCrew| New Macro Apps

  • We were lucky enough to have ACE Mark Frisch in the building! He unveiled some new macros he has developed for the Community and a brand new data connector.
  • Please reach out to Mark on the community with any additional questions on this new connector.



Alright, Folks! That's all she wrote.  As always let me know if you have any questions and ALTERYX ON! 



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