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Reminder - Meeting This Week!

8 - Asteroid

Putting a quick reminder out here that we are meeting *this wednesday* in Charlotte at the Dubois Center - Please register in the event link so that we know who to expect!

5 - Atom

I'm an accounting faculty member at UNC Charlotte.  Is this group open and, if so, how can I join to get updates on meeting topics, days, times, etc.


Jack Cathey

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi, @jmcathey

All User Groups are open to everybody! You can join as many as you want by simply clicking on the "Join Group" button on the upright on the Groups' homepages, so you will get notified of future meetings. I just invited you to join the Charlotte one, so you should have received a private message. But feel free to navigate all the active local User Groups and join. Regardless of where you are located, many Groups meet virtually so that you can attend from anywhere.  😀

Flávia Brancato