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Foundation Micro-Credential Exam Prep Guide

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Download the Foundation Micro-Credential Exam Prep Guide




Exam Overview

The Alteryx Foundation Micro-Credential tests your knowledge of data analytics concepts and key Designer functionality. In the exam, you identify data types and data formats; the basic elements of Alteryx Designer; and associate commonly used tools with their functionality.

Audience: Everyone!

Experience Level: Beginner

Price: Free

Exam Type: Online, on demand

Time allotted: 1 hour

Version: The exam tests on the latest version of Desktop Designer with the Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP) Engine disabled.

Attempts: 1 attempt every 7 days

Questions: 40

Question Types: Multiple choice and multiple-response

Point Values: 1 point for multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Partial credit is awarded for multiple-response questions (“Select all that apply”).

Allowed Resources: This exam is "open book," and we encourage you to be familiar with resources that are permitted for use during the exam: content on Alteryx Community, Alteryx Help Documentation, and information on public websites, as well as sample workflows and other in-Designer resources.

Prohibited Resources: You may not receive assistance from another person, allow another person to take the exam on your behalf, plagiarize any exam answers, or use unauthorized publications of exam answers. Review the Alteryx Certification Agreement and Policies for more details.

Recertification: The Alteryx Foundation Micro-Credential expires after 2 years. To renew your certification, you must retake the exam. If you become Core certified after you receive the Foundation Micro-Credential, this will not renew your Foundation Micro-Credential.



Domain % of exam
     I.  Basic Data Analytics 35%
     II. Basics of Alteryx Designer 65%
TOTAL 100%


Download the Foundation Micro-Credential Exam Prep Guide