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Welcome to the Austin User Group

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Welcome to the Austin Alteryx User Group!

7 - Meteor

Hello, User Group Members! Please take a moment by answering the questions below to introduce yourself to the Austin User Group Community. Once again welcome!


  1. What is your name and industry you work in?
  2. What are your favorite weekend activities?
  3. How do you currently use Alteryx?
  4. What areas would you like to grow in?
5 - Atom

1. My name is Angela Patterson and I work for a company that sells computer hardware and software. Need servers, workstations, or tablets? Need changes to your data center, or backup solutions, or data encryption? Then SHI can help. I work with sales data for the Corp division of this company.


2. Favorite weekend activities: practicing guitar (I'm a newbie), playing piano (rusty but competent), and learning more about using analytics


3. How I currently use Alteryx: My team unfortunately has a large stack of Excel-based processes for preparing data and creating charts from that data. I'm converting these processes into Alteryx-based and SQL-based processes. I've been blown away by how freakin' FAST Alteryx is compared to Excel. And my team loves the visibility into how the data gets transformed every step of the way. Sometimes I get to do data science and then I use Alteryx for most of the predictive analytics involved in those projects.


In the process I'm building a foundation for best practices, like using containers to aid in documenting my workflows. More than that, I've started color coding containers so that one color always means to check input for a potential need to change a file or a text input setting and another color to denote output.


4. Areas I'd like to grow: I'd like to get better at building Alteryx formulas so I can munge data even more efficiently. I would like to figure out how to use spatial analysis as an element of analyzing sales data or segmenting customers.

5 - Atom

Name: PJ Hoke

Industry: Business technology services

Weekend Activity: Gathering with friends, celebrating the week

Alteryx usage: marketing and sales reports

Growth: more experience with Altery and Tableau


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome PJ! I am going to have to reference your favorite weekend activity of "Celebrating the Week" at some point.  It's inspiring and optimistic. Looking forward to the start of the Austin Alteryx User Group Meetings. Hopefully the celebration will get that much stronger with the incorporation of these meetings. 

Tatiana Servin
Content Marketing
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome, @patterson3! "Newbie" and "Rusty but competent" are nuanced and unique ways of describing skill levels. Thanks for the introduction! 

Tatiana Servin
Content Marketing
5 - Atom

Hello Austin Friends.  


Joe and work as a marketing consultant around strategic planning and business insights.  


R&R and cycling


Just getting started with Alteryx and looking forward to using the capabilities around handlig large data sets and automating repeated tasks.  

6 - Meteoroid

1.  Chris Fowler; Manufacturing

2.  Church, Archery, Video games with my kids

3.  Still learning, currently working on a cost model work flow

4.  Get better at analytics!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Welcome @fowlerc! We will be starting UG meetings back up in the new year! Hopefully at some point in 2021 we will also start to have them in person again!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

5 - Atom
  • What is your name and industry you work in?

Hello Everyone! My name is Brennan and I am an upcoming graduate in Global Studies and Business. I have recently become deeply interested in the fields of business analytics and data science and hope to pursue a master's program in business analytics.


  • What are your favorite weekend activities?

I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors. I am a huge fan of spending time in nature and meditating.


  • How do you currently use Alteryx?

I am currently starting the ADAPT program and have done little real utilization with Alteryx, but I am excited to get started!


  • What areas would you like to grow in?

I would like to develop my Computational logic and data analytics skills as it pertains to my interests in business analytics. whether it is Python, SQL, or Alteryx i would like to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to data science and problem-solving.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello Austin Alteryx User Group!


My name is Will and I actually work for Alteryx! I've lived in Austin for over ten years and was brought on as a full time remote worker in the Information Security side. I have a house up north near Chinatown Center and in walking distance from the new stadium. My weekends tend to be a mixture of yard work, grilling, and pool parties, and of course as much time as possible with my two rescue chihuahuas (Austin Humane Society FTW).


Looking forward to joining this group, participating in the meetings, and making sure all your needs are met and ideas are heard.