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Got big data? Alteryx and Snowflake are here to help. Streamline the transfer of your big data from Alteryx Designer to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform with the enhanced Snowflake Bulk Load feature in 2020.3. With these updates to the Snowflake Bulk Loader, you'll experience more agility between your data analytics and your data warehouse, eliminate extra processes and costs, and get your data where it needs to go faster.


Thanks to your feedback, we have enhanced our existing Snowflake Bulk Load feature to support bulk loading from a local file system. You can now avoid provisioning an Amazon S3 bucket purely for staging purposes and allow your data to transfer directly to Snowflake's internal staging — no workarounds necessary. Not to worry, for those that prefer it, staging from an Amazon S3 bucket continues to be an option.


“Adding the internal staging option is very beneficial for Alteryx customers. This is also great news for partners of Alteryx and Snowflake, like us over at Tessellation. Instead of pointing to an external staging area to load data, which is not always going to be an option, Snowflake will now create and manage these AWS S3 buckets for us. Now our clients don't need a separate AWS account to load data into Snowflake, which enables them to use the functionality much more easily. Furthermore, this may drive other benefits like increased compliance standards around the management and transfer of sensitive data.”  — Nick Haylund, Alteryx ACE & Principal Consultant, Tessellation


Additionally, we have included the ability to choose between three staging methods — User, Table, and Internal Named. 
Refer to Snowflake's Types of Stage for guidance on which staging option is optimal for you and your organization's data.



“Simplifying the data load process into Snowflake is a game-changer for Alteryx customers. In particular, the ability to fine-tune the Snowflake staging method (without managing external data stores like AWS S3) will reduced technical complexities and create faster data-driven business value. With the enhanced Snowflake Bulk Load feature, our DataDrive team is excited to connect people with their data leveraging Alteryx and Snowflake.” — Luke Komiskey, Founder & Managing Director, DataDrive


We're excited to announce this new capability that strengthens the tie between Alteryx and Snowflake to help your company become even more data-driven. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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