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Welcome to our first Alteryx Analytics Cloud feature monthly blog! As we continue to expand the capabilities of our Cloud products, we will be releasing a monthly blog to keep you updated with all the latest updates.


Alteryx Analytics Cloud enables everyone to impact business outcomes. The unified solution provides approachable and automated analytics, data science, and auto-insights. No-code automated tools make it easy for everyone to use, accelerating your organization’s analytics journey.


We rolled out many exciting new product capabilities in December 2022, so let’s read on:


Alteryx Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

  • Toggle Histogram and Data Quality Bar
  • Restart Plans from Failed Tasks
  • Users Can Now Cancel Plan Runs


Alteryx Machine Learning

  • Time Series Enhancements
  • Machine Learning Project Versioning


Alteryx Auto Insights

  • Missions Product Tour for New Users
  • Segment Relevancy Customization for What Caused This



Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new capabilities and features.


Alteryx Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta


Toggle Histogram Option

Users can now toggle the Histograms and Data Quality Bar in the Transformer view, allowing for faster performance when conducting quick updates – especially when working with larger data samples. The column histograms can be enabled or disabled from the Transformer page.





Restart Plans from Failed Tasks

In 9.7, if a plan fails, users are now able to restart the plan from the first point of failure, running only the failed task and all downstream tasks after the failed task. This means users will no longer need to rerun an entire plan in the event of failure, saving resources and allowing for faster execution.





Users Can Now Cancel Plan Runs

Users with viewer permission on plans can now cancel plan runs from the Run Details page. This allows users to cancel plans if needed without needing to contact an admin.


Read What’s New in Designer Cloud 9.7 to learn more.


Alteryx Machine Learning


Time Series Enhancements

Dramatically expand the predictive power of our flagship machine learning product with Time Series. In the new model setup step, Machine Learning will automatically detect date and time data and will suggest a time series regression model. Users can also see a breakdown of trend and seasonality in the data, making it easy to visualize change over time. Once the model is created, forecast visualizations can be exported, or the model can be put into production.






ML Project Versioning

Users now have more control than ever in how they update to the latest version of Alteryx Machine Learning. Project Versioning enables users to upgrade and revert ML runtime versions on a project-by-project basis. When users open the project overview window, they will see the runtime version for each one of their projects, as well as a toggle next to each project that enables updating to the newest version or reverting to a previous version.





Alteryx Auto Insights


Missions Product Tour for New Users

With the introduction of missions product tours, new users are now able to interact with tool tip guidance when getting started with Auto Insights.  This new improvement introduces new users to Missions functionality such as Magic Missions templates, Mission Summary, and E-mail subscriptions, providing overview and guidance information to guide the user during the creation of their first Mission.     





Segment Relevancy Customization for What Caused This

The “What Caused This?” feature enables Auto Insights users to analyze the key drivers for their metrics in seconds, helping users understand what segments most likely contributed to the increase or decrease in their metrics for a specific period of time.  With the new segment relevancy customization improvement, any mission owner or dataset owner can select or deselect segments that are relevant to their mission audience.  This accelerates user time-to-value by prioritizing segments that are most relevant to their audience.






Conclusion & Learn More

Thank you for reading and if you want to learn more about this release, check out Release Notes section below. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums. See you next month!


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