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As data gravity moves increasingly to the cloud, enterprises are adopting cloud data warehouses and data lakes to manage and store massive amounts of data. This is a good thing for two reasons. Ubiquitous and immediate access to capabilities via a browser makes it easy to democratize analytics. Secondly, the cloud gives businesses access to elastic compute — allowing them to scale to solve the hardest and most complex business problems.


At Alteryx, we are taking these industry cloud-centric trends and learnings to develop a consolidated solution that meets our customers where their data is — not the other way around. That is why I am excited to announce the launch of Alteryx Analytics Cloud, a suite of four cloud products — Designer Cloud, Alteryx Auto Insights, Alteryx Machine Learning, and now Trifacta — that can provide you with an easy-to-use, unified set of capabilities in the cloud, bringing automated analytics to every user in your enterprise. Now everyone from IT to data engineers, analysts to business users can drive breakthrough insights from their data with a simple click. Let’s unpack how each of these powerful applications work.



Designed for the needs of data engineers and available natively and securely for all major cloud platforms.


With Trifacta, our combined cloud platform will serve the needs of everyone in your organization who works with data – from IT and data engineers to analysts and business owners. It is built from the ground up as a multi-tenant, multi-cloud SaaS solution. Trifacta offers a rich set of connectors to access data and leverages powerful pushdown for in-database processing using the elastic compute of the underlying cloud data warehouse. This allows your data engineers to use Trifacta to design, orchestrate, and automate data pipelines.

Designer Cloud


The familiar Designer analytics automation experience for analysts, now in browser.


Designer Cloud brings the familiar Designer experience to the browser so that anyone, anywhere can start making breakthroughs with data. Designer Cloud includes our top tools for data prep, profiling, and exploration to tackle common use cases analysts are addressing. Designer Cloud also offers smart interoperability across desktop and cloud products making it easy to share workflows. Because there is no need to install anything it brings seamless democratization of analytics across your organization.

Alteryx Machine Learning


Cloud-native, approachable automate machine learning capabilities designed for analysts, not data scientists.


With data prepped and cleansed — in either Designer Cloud or Designer Desktop — you're ready to drive insights. Alteryx Machine Learning helps business users make smarter decisions with approachable automated machine learning (AutoML) capabilities. Best of all, users don’t need any previous data science experience to create accurate, interpretable, and trustworthy models. Rather than relying on data science experts to code models, analysts can now:


  • Build, validate, iterate, and explore machine learning models with a fully guided user experience, more quickly.
  • Load data and assess its health to make sure it’s ready for modelling, with ease.
  • Discover correlations and outliers to learn about patterns and relationships, compare competing models, and see how features influence outcomes and test scenarios with simulations.
  • Empower line-of-business analysts to build machine learning models and predict future behavior.


Auto Insights


Delivering AI-driven automatic insights for business users.


Alteryx Auto Insights, formerly Hyper Anna, automates analysis and reporting by finding insights hidden deep in your data and summarizing them so you're ready to present to any senior executive—all easily available through your browser. Auto Insights works automatically, finding data stories, highlighting anomalies, surfacing insights, and then summarizing explanations for those insights clearly and presenting them back to you in seconds.


In launching the Alteryx Analytics Cloud, we look forward to seeing and hearing about the new insights you discover and deliver with these innovations. To take a deeper dive into the value of this suite, check out this comprehensive demo video. 

suresh vittal
Chief Product Officer

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.