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Upgrade to 2022.3 Today 


Welcome to 2022.3, our second major release of the year!   


With an emphasis on enterprise readiness and end-user productivity, our latest release of Alteryx Designer 2022.3 and Server 2022.3 delivers a host of new features to help meet all your analytics needs at enterprise scale. The 2022.3 release brings you the following:   

·         More security and efficiency managing data and connecting to cloud   

·         More capability to extract unstructured data quickly and accurately, and   

·         More user-friendly experiences  


Now, let’s dive into the various capabilities.  


Modernize Connectivity and Enhanced Cloud Data Experience  


Security and efficiency are top priorities when thinking about data sourcing. In 2022.3, we’ve made improvements to Alteryx’s Data Connection Manager (DCM), and also to connectivity to Databricks and Snowflake, and to Alteryx’s Google Big Query connection capabilities.   


Third-Party Vault Support with  Data Connection Manager


Alteryx Data Connection Manager centralizes how you can safely and efficiently connect to data. 2022.3 adds DCM support for third-party vault integration with HashiCorp. With this integration, users can now access credentials stored securely in an external vault and use them in Alteryx workflows, all while maintaining security standards and complying with company policy. Start using DCM today! 




Azure AD OAuth Support and DSN-Less Availability  


Alteryx users can now access Snowflake and Databricks data using Azure Active Directory accounts. This allows customers to control access to these data sources through Azure Active Directory Centralized Governance and provides a quick and easy sign-in experience to keep you productive and information secure.  


New DSN-Less Connections for Databricks and Snowflake free you from the need to create or copy data source names for ODBC connections to allow you to scale solutions more efficiently across your ecosystems.  


Bulk Loading and In-Database for Google BigQuery  


We understand budgets matter. But imagine if you could keep your costs low while running your workflows faster than ever! Now you can with our improved Bulk Loading and In-database support for Google BigQuery. You will see 170x performance improvement, so you can swiftly upload large datasets to Google BigQuery rather than costly processes impacting productivity. Download 2022.3 today.  

Further Protect and Secure Sensitive Data  


Data encryption helps ensure that only authorized parties can access sensitive data. With the current release, Alteryx Server 2022.3 has been enhanced with the latest industry-standard cryptography to better protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.  


Unlock Insights in Unstructured Data with Alteryx Intelligence Suite (AIS)  


Analysts and data scientists spend hours making sense of unformatted data. While time-consuming to uncover insights,  this data is vital for companies. Fortunately, Alteryx Intelligence Suite makes it possible to handle unstructured data with ease and with efficiency. In 2022.3, we are introducing new tools such as PDF to Text, which significantly increases the accuracy of data extraction for system-generated PDFs, as well as the new Zero-Shot Text Classification and Text Summary, all of which makes working with unstructured data easier and faster.   


PDF to Text  


If you need to maximize the accuracy of data extraction from your unstructured files, then you will be happy to know that PDF to Text tool is now live! By extracting data directly from the PDF binary for system-generated PDFs, PDF to Text significantly improves accuracy using OCR alone. It also is language agnostic for text encoded in the PDF, so it is not limited to Alteryx-supported languages.  




Zero-Shot Text Classification  


Uncover actionable insights from text data more easily than ever. Use the Zero-shot Text Classification Tool to classify text without needing training data. As you can imagine, this tool can be applied to a range of general use cases, including quickly categorizing documents to categorizing sentiment in social media posts.  


Text Summary  


Make quick work of those walls of raw text with our new Text Summary tool. With a few clicks, you can not only easily large pass-through amounts of text, specify the desired summary length, and extract a summary. And if you happen to Parlez-vous Francais or Sprechen Sie Deutsch? We got you covered. This tool now supports French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 


Accelerate Workflow Development with UX/UI Improvements  


You asked, and we listened. We’ve added several new functionalities and UX/UI improvements in both Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server that we can’t wait to discover and explore. Below are our top favorites:  


New UI/UX Enhancements in Alteryx Designer:  

  • Multi-Anchor Caching: Run your workflows even faster today. Caching functionality has extended to more than 50 additional tools (including Join & Filter), giving you the flexibility to cache tools with multiple output anchors.  
  • Searching in Select UI: Your development experience is more intuitive when searching or filtering for a specific field among the list of domains you have using the select functionality.  


New UI/UX Enhancements in Alteryx Server:  

  • Major Redesign in Admin Pages: To optimize your user experience in Alteryx Server, you will notice a more modern look and feel in the admin pages. See release notes for more details.  


Analyze Faster with Alteryx Multi-Threaded Processing (AMP)  


If you’re a 2022.1 user, you know (and love) the speed at which our AMP engine provides you to get workflows executed with ease. In the 2022.3 release, we’ve added an additional 86 tools, all Alteryx AMP supported, for a total of 177 tools(!) at your disposal, including Connectors, Reporting tools, R tools, and more. 


To streamline the transition of workflows from the original Engine to AMP, Alteryx has now made available, via Alteryx’s public gallery, the Engine Parity macro. The new macro allows you to run multiple parallel workflows from the directory with both Engines and compare them. This allows you to quickly identify differences and gaps to transition your workflows to the AMP engine confidently. 



3 (1).png

A popup notification appears when opening Alteryx Designer. 


New Year, New Release Cadence   


Lastly, we look forward to our new bi-annual release cadence with more frequent maintenance packs to make it easier to stay up to date on the latest versions of our software next year. Stay tuned for more info! 

We’re so excited about our latest release, and we hope you are too!  


Check out Release Notes to learn more. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums.  


Upgrade to 2022.3 todayand join Public Preview Beta Programto take part in testing all features coming up and provide feedback directly to our Product Team.