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UPDATE: The certification program has undergone changes since this blog was published. Please visit the Certification Program page for the most up to date information. Thank you!




Certification Program Overview

In response to overwhelming customer demand, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Alteryx Certification Program.


The Alteryx Certification Program will contain a series of exams that allow you to:

  • demonstrate your proficiency across Alteryx products and versions,
  • to communicate your expertise in a standardized manner, and
  • promote your personal brand in the global Alteryx community and marketplace.


Upon certification, you will be assigned the respective Alteryx Community badge, and will receive a PDF certificate. Personally, I'd throw a party!!


Certification Levels

The Alteryx Certification Program will consist of the following certification levels, and will change to reflect the Alteryx platform:


Designer Core (available now) – demonstrated proficiency with the fundamentals of Alteryx Designer and the favorites tools. Exam topics include: Connecting to Data, Data Types, Basic Preparation, Basic Blending, Descriptive Analysis, Help, Basic Macros & Analytic Apps, Output Data.


Designer Advanced (available Q1 2018) – advanced proficiency with Alteryx Designer. Exam topics include: Advanced Questions from Designer Core, plus Batch Macros, Data Investigation, Advanced Parsing, Advanced Analytics Apps, Spatial Analysis, Reporting, Visualization Integration, Gallery.

  • Prerequisite – Designer Core


Designer Expert (available Q2 2018) – demonstrated proficiency with the full-suite of Alteryx Designer capabilities, spatial analytics and the ability to connect and work with all applicable data sources. Exam topics include: More Complex Designer Core & Advanced topics, In-DB, Iterative Macros, Predictive Models, Connectors, Web Scraping, Download Tool, Calgary Tools, etc.

  • Prerequisite – Designer Advanced


NOTE: Certification levels are subject to change.


Resources Available for Exam Preparation

The following resources are available when learning Alteryx:



Exams: What you need to know!


  • Exams are offered monthly — there are twelve exams per calendar year
  • Each exam window begins on the first of each calendar month and closes at the end of the last day of the calendar month
  • Participants may take the exam any time during the exam window



  • Registration for exams is offered at
  • You must have an Alteryx Community account to register for an exam
  • Upon registration, you will be registered for the next exam window. For example, if registering during September, you will be registered for the October exam.
  • Once registered, you will have three attempts to pass an exam during the exam window



  • There is no cost for the Designer Core certification exam.
  • At this time, pricing has not been determined for subsequent exams.


Taking the Exam

  • On the first day of the exam window (the 1st of each month) – all registrants will receive an email with the exam URL and a personalized access code.
  • The exam is offered online
  • There is a two-hour time limit per exam
  • Once an exam is started, it is recorded as one attempt
  • It is not possible to stop an exam in-progress, and restart later
  • You may use any of the preparation resources during the exam
  • All questions are multiple choice
  • Sample question:





  • Upon completion, you will receive your score immediately




  • A score of 80% or above is considered ‘passing'
  • If a passing score is not obtained after three attempts, you must register for a subsequent exam
  • Answers are not provided for any exam and/or question
  • After the exam window closes, your Alteryx Community account will be updated with the respective certification badge, and you will receive a PDF certificate


Maintaining Certification

  • From the date of certification, or
  • From the date of passing an incremental exam
  • Certifications are valid for two years 
  • Incremental exams will be offered for each major release of Alteryx
  • To maintain your certification, a passing score must be obtained on incremental exams
  • If your certification lapses, you must take the full certification exam to obtain your certification


We're excited about the certification program. If you have any questions or comments, please email: