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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

A few weeks ago we launched Release 11.0 of Alteryx Analytics with much fanfare! Release 11.0 includes expanded support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft R Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). This release enables the analytics enterprise to achieve self-service data analytics at scale while balancing the data governance requirements of IT and Data Managers. One of the many cool things that Release 11.0 empowers analysts to do is enable them to harness the full value of their existing data architecture and emerging data assets. Analysts can improve and scale their analytic performance by eliminating data movement with in-database processing and seamless data access.


Release 11.0 improves data governance, speed to insight, and analytic flexibility for the analytic enterprise, and these benefits are further extended via the integrations with technology partners such as Microsoft. More specifically, Release 11.0 continues to support analysts with the ability to eliminate data movement with in-database blending for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS), and SQL Server 2016. Analysts can also perform in-database predictive analytics with and eliminate connection complexity with seamless data access to Microsoft SQL Server 2016.


One of the most powerful integrations featured in Release 11.0 is with Microsoft R Server as well as SQL Server R Services. If you work in predictive analytics, then you already know that R is an incredibly powerful language for data analysts. But what if you’re not a programmer or you want to make your R models available to business analysts and other non-programmers?


That is why Alteryx has teamed up with the Microsoft R team to bring the power of R using the drag-and-drop workflow interface of Alteryx Designer. From your Windows desktop or laptop, you can utilize the following Alteryx predictive modeling tools that make use of the Microsoft R ScaleR functions:


  • Boosted Model
  • Count Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Forest Model
  • Gamma Regression
  • Lift Chart
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Score
  • Stepwise


You can get results from R without a line of R programming! How cool is that? And if you are an R programmer, you can drill down to see the R code that is being run and modify it to your needs.


Through our partnership with Microsoft, Alteryx enables you to easily and cost-effectively put enterprise-scale predictive analytics into the hands of every line-of-business analyst. And no matter how large your data set, the leading enterprise production-grade scalability of Microsoft R Server 9 can handle it with ease, enabling you to get the answers you need to pressing business questions – when you need them.


Take advantage of Alteryx Release 11.0 and our integrations with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL DW, APS, and R Server 9 to simplify and scale your in-database processing and R-based predictive analytics for your organization!