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Alteryx Server Usage Report detailing app activity on an Alteryx Server.Alteryx Server Usage Report detailing app activity on an Alteryx Server.


Alteryx Server provides a platform for analysts and decision makers in the organization to publish, share, collaborate and consume the analytics available to them. With many users from different parts of the organization accessing those analytics from a centralized Alteryx Server, the ability to report on and understand Server usage was essential – so we released the Alteryx Server Usage Report. This report enabled administrators to understand how users are logging into the Server, what workflows they’re running, and more.


Now, with Alteryx Analytics 11.0, we’re expanding on these capabilities and enabling administrators to understand not only how the Server is being utilized, but how users of Alteryx Designer are leveraging their own desktop installations. Administrators can now access usage insights such as:


  • Which Alteryx Designer users are most active in the organization
  • What are the most popular tools and categories being used
  • What types of data sources are being accessed

With Alteryx Analytics 11.0, Alteryx administrators can now gather usage data from their own users by configuring installations of Alteryx Designer to send usage data back to their own Alteryx Server. As users of Alteryx Designer are building analytic workflows on their desktops, data will be sent that includes information about the tools being used. This data, scrubbed of any sensitive information before it is sent to the Server, can then be queried to understand what types of tools are being used amongst users in the organization, along with other useful information, such as the version of Alteryx Designer being used.



Alteryx Server administrators can now see Designer usage, including most active users as well as most commonly used toolsAlteryx Server administrators can now see Designer usage, including most active users as well as most commonly used tools

In addition to collecting the data, we’ve updated our sample Tableau dashboard included with the Alteryx Server Usage Report to make it easy to make sense of the data and understand usage trends. This report now includes new tabs to let administrators visualize the usage data coming from their Alteryx Designers. Not seeing the data in a view exactly as you’d like? Just as with the Server Usage data, the new Alteryx Designer Usage data is compiled through an Alteryx workflow, so it’s easy to see how the data is queried, and to adjust it to suit your needs.


Once equipped with this information and insights, leaders in their organization can discover insights and drive actions from usage data, letting them further empower and make their analysts even more proficient with Alteryx. Do you see an increase in the number of users taking advantage of the Predictive tool suite? Then perhaps additional training or support around that category will help. Notice that a handful of users haven’t upgraded to the latest version of Alteryx? Reach out to them and let them know about the upgrade. Administrators can now be more closely connected with their Alteryx Designer user base.


The new Alteryx Designer Usage data is available for customers with Alteryx Server with the Gallery component enabled. By default, this feature is disabled, and the Alteryx Designers will need to be configured to begin sending data to your Alteryx Server. Please read the documentation available here for instructions on how to configure Alteryx Designers to send data to your Alteryx Server.


The release of Alteryx Analytics 11.0 is full of multiple new features and this is just one of them. Learn more about the other new features in Alteryx Analytics 11.0 by following our release blog series.