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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Having spent the last four years working with social media apps to engage with customers and prospects for marketing purposes, its always been difficult to switch back to any corporate application after using Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Corporate apps are slow, dull and frankly almost always harder to use. That’s one of the reasons I’m proud of what we at Alteryx are releasing today.


The Alteryx Analytics Gallery, part of the Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.0 platform, changes the way the industry will view analytics. Go to to use strategic analytics in the cloud now.


Customers will no longer have to deal with:


Alteryx Analytics Gallery

  • Simple cloud BI interfaces that have limited analytical capabilities
  • Complex and difficult to use legacy analytic platforms hosted in a cloud infrastructure where the vendor has the nerve to ask for more money for the ‘privilege’ of using other servers

We recognized that the consumerization of corporate IT is a reality, and so we delivered a public cloud service for analytic applications where  users do not give up any of the power or sophistication that Alteryx customers already benefit from every day.


To help give everyone a feel for what it would be like to access and interact with their own organization’s analytic applications, we’ve posted over 30 to a Public Gallery. Go create an account, log in, run an app, then share it with anyone. Its that easy.


The Alteryx Strategic Analytic 8.0 release also contains:

  • New connectors that allow users to answer business questions about customers, partners and sales activity using all relevant data, whether it’s Big Data, Excel or point of sale data.
  • Five new predictive analytic tools for time series analysis
  • A new version of our scheduling engine, making it even easier to get the right analytics and right data into the hands of decision makers


Visit now!

Paul Ross

VP of Product and Industry Marketing