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It’s 7 a.m. and you’re driving down a street in your neighborhood wondering why on earth there’s so much unexpected traffic. Once you finally navigate your way out of detours and blocked-off roads, you park, walk into the office, and hear everyone agitated about the giant parade down the street.

If you had known what was going on around the block, maybe you would have decided to take another route to work — or even caught a ride with a co-worker to avoid searching for 30 minutes for a parking spot. Just maybe knowing this beforehand would have altered your next move.

Now, what does this have to do with Alteryx, you might ask?
The short answer: there is immense value in seeing a birds-eye view of your data set right from the get-go so that you can understand how columns may be correlated, connect the dots, and decide what to analyze next. Because, let’s be real, if you don’t understand the full picture, how are you supposed to make your next move?

Enter new Holistic Data Profiling. Now, you can get a high-level snapshot of your entire data set in a single glimpse every time you drag a Browse Tool onto your canvas. In 2020.1, you’ll be able to visualize the quality of your data, spot trends and data distributions, and compare one data profile to another each step of the way as you build out your workflow.

With a refreshed look and experience, Holistic Data Profiling provides an enhanced way to interpret your data and gain a deeper understanding of how columns in your data set may be correlated to one another before digging into a certain column to understand it in depth by clicking on a data card within the holistic view or on corresponding column headers in the Interactive Results Grid.

Holistic Profiling GIF 1.gif


By zooming in on a column, you’ll learn about the data type, quality, size, and number of records. You can even see data profile charts and statistical information regarding the values in the data. Drill down further by identifying frequent and top values by count and percentages to spot outliers and further analyze the shape of your data from within the single column views.

Put yourself in the shoes of an analyst looking to understand how sales in various customer segments have transformed over a period of time. Using Alteryx Designer, they bring in their dataset and build a workflow to prep, blend, and cleanse the data. Then, they add a Browse Tool to visualize data midstream and either validate or disprove any expectations they had. These visualizations throughout a workflow would help them identify which customer segments did better or worse in sales throughout the years and help to tell a story about why this might be.

With Holistic Data Profiling, you can compare each columns’ profile side-by-side instead of having to click into a column within a data set to generate each profile separately. This will significantly speed up your time to insights, and help you get to know your data set like the back of your hand the moment it’s brought into Designer.

Experience better browsing with Holistic Data Profiling in the Browse Tool by installing 2020.1 today so you can quickly detect trends and patterns in your data and gain a deeper understanding of the values and their statistics. New Holistic Data Profiling will allow you to analyze and compare columns across a full data set in a single view like you’ve never seen it before so that you never miss a beat, and feel informed when it comes time to make decisions about your data.