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Data Migration for Workday System Implementation

Created on
2018 Excellence Awards Entry: Data Migration for Workday System Implementation

Name: Liz Pittoni (on behalf of Cynthia Eckles)
Title: Workday Data Migration review
Company: Alteryx 





Overview of Use Case:

Workday is the HCM system target for enterprise deployment 4Q2018. During the multiple rounds of data loading and cleansing, Alteryx was used to confirm the data in the current system matches what is in Workday.


Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve:


One of the biggest challenges with any project is moving data and ensuring that it is done quickly and correctly.


1. The first step is to populate the data into the new system from various sources (Newton, ADP, WD DGW). Alteryx was used to pull data extracts from each of the systems, combine the data and populate the template to be loaded into Workday. Seamlessly!


 2. Once the data was loaded, then we needed to validate that the information was correct. The Alteryx workflow removed the manual process suggested by the implementation consultant. This process would have taken weeks and not been as thorough. Alteryx allowed us to check all data and diagnose discrepancies within a few seconds once the workflow was built. With subsequent data loads for this project, this workflow will automate all the data validation. It's HUGE!!!


Describe your working solution:


The workflows were completed in designer. the workflow takes data extracts from ADP WorkforceNow and Newton to populate the Workday DataGathering Workbook (DGW) in the format required by Workday.

ADP-Workday Benefits data validation.jpg




Describe the benefits you have achieved:


By using an Alteryx workflow, we were able to eliminate manual review of spot checking data. Secondly, we saved an enormous amount of time populating the same template over and over (i.e. once the workflow was created it was used to populate all the DGWs for wave 1 and will be used for wave 2). Rather than using vlookups to combine various data sources, Alteryx was able to combine all the source data into an output which was digestible by Workday. Lastly, and most importantly, Alteryx saved the sanity of the team since this data checking would have been performed manually.


Sounds like an amazing success!....Congratulations on being able to leverage the tool for this.