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Alteryx Use Cases

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Coca-Cola Generates Personalized Reports within 4.18 Minutes with Alteryx

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Overview of Use Case

Most people in the world have heard of Coca-Cola. The company was founded in 1886 and now has over 500 beverage brands, serving more than 200 countries around the world. Alteryx played a big role when Coca-Cola wanted to replace their Legacy fountain machines for one of its largest customers, comprised of over 24,000 franchise restaurants across the US. Each restaurant owner with the new Freestyle machines was provided insights of their sales and beverage usage, to help optimize their inventory and reduce stock depletions. With Alteryx, Coca-Cola can now create 700 personalized PDF reports files within 5 minutes and empower owners to better understand their business.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

At Coca-Cola, we have hundreds of production facilities, thousands of products. We distribute to millions of locations around the world. Can you imagine the vast amount of data we are collecting in a day? I have been using Alteryx for four years now and support one of the largest global fountain customers reaching 95 countries throughout Coca-Cola’s distribution system. The tools I used in the past, particularly Excel, just couldn't handle all the things I needed to do so I started using Alteryx.


One difference between the Legacy fountain machine and the newer Freestyle machine is the amount of data produced. With the Legacy fountain machines, there were only two pieces of data, the count of the syrup bags that were sold to the locations and the invoice data. With a limited amount of data, I had to do a lot of manual work. In contrast, each Freestyle machine has its own IP address and sends data around the world back to Coca-Cola every single night. There is a lot more data to play with when using the new machine, envisioned to streamline the inventory management process.  

However, now we had to input an enormous amount of data into a standard report, to showcase to restaurant owners the differences between the old and new machine and how it could really help them to understand their business.

Describe your working solution

I worked with my Customer Success Manager, Jon Albertini, to put together a workflow that organized all of the fountain machine data. My workflow consisted of three large data sets, with huge amounts of store data to build and export our report. After the workflow was finalized, I hit the run button and started to see the files show up in the results window.


With our fountain machine report, I can understand preference trends and tailor to customers across stores, regions, and countries. This has been critical in helping us forecast demand and modernize our supply chain process for fountain machines.

Describe the benefits you have achieved

What I love about Alteryx is it makes me feel like I’m a magician. It takes me about an hour to put my data sets together and keep them current and up-to-date. When I hit the run button, 700 PDF files are created in four minutes and 18 seconds, and I don’t need to write any single code. I can’t imagine doing my job using Alteryx.

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