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Alteryx & ADP: Custom XML Load of Data

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Overview of Use Case

Alteryx Payroll would spend hours each month manually inserting records into ADP for compliance reasons. ADP offered an automated route utilizing XML to load these values, but Payroll didn't have the expertise needed to do this working internally.  Working with an Alteryx workflow, we were able to take the raw data being inserted manually and create a custom XML document to load into ADP.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

We were looking to solve a manual, error prone, process with one that leveraged our tool's prep+blend capabilities to provide immediate relief to our company's Payroll Team.


Describe your working solution

The data for this project was a CSV report provided by ADP. The solution delivers to our Payroll team the custom XML data to be processed by ADP within minutes of execution.



Describe the benefits you have achieved

We run the stocks at least once a month, and we would spend one day of work entering the transaction; therefore, 8*12= 96 hours saved per year. This is about $10K. Plus, as mentioned before, the workflow will help keep the company stay in compliance as far as reporting and paying the payroll taxes; plus the workflow will prevent errors by not having to enter the data manually.


The joy the Payroll team had when we were able to load the XML data into ADP is something you had to be there for. Knowing that we solved a process issue with our own tool is incredible. I look forward to continuing to solve our internal initiatives with our own tooling in the future. One of the reasons I love coming to work at Alteryx every day is you never know how someone is going to use our tools to solve their problem/process of the day.