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"Asset management is about to get easier"- Studios/Collections

6 - Meteoroid

 On the latest version of Server we installed we see this message:  "In a coming release, subscriptions (studios) will be removed.  As part of this change, we plan to migrate your studio assets to Collections.  For the best experience, we recommend that you migrate your assets to Collections to prepare for this improvement."


Does anyone know more information on this?  We are trying to set our procedures around deploying Server to users and am very interested in what changes are planned.

8 - Asteroid

I agree that Alteryx should provide more information about the change and how to "migrate your studio assets to Collections".  As far as I can tell, you can only save workflows to Private Studios and add Private Studios to collections.  If studios are going away, what do we need to do in preparation for this change?

7 - Meteor

Agreed that it would be helpful to have a migration path to unwind specifically those studios where multiple users were collaborating together (a workaround prior to collections).

8 - Asteroid

I received this message yesterday when I logged into our Alteryx Gallery. I am a Curator on our server. We are currently on Server version 2020.1. Is there any new information on this?




6 - Meteoroid

Just sharing what I did happen to see this documentation that was referenced from the Release notes for Server 2020.3


11 - Bolide

If you're curious, subscriptions are still a thing in 2020.3.  I speak from experience, as I upgraded one of our environments last week.