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how to delete user from Alteryx Gallery

6 - Meteoroid


I'm a Gallery Admin, but I do not see a way to delete a user from the Gallery.  It looks like I can only edit their profile or reset their password.  I can't find any documentation on the subject.  Does anybody know how to do this, or where to find the documentation?




10 - Fireball



This has been an issue for us at KP for a long time.


I have resulted in my own personal workaround by making people inactive and them moving them to a private gallery so I can keep track of those who have been removed


Unable to Remove People from Gallery.jpg

5 - Atom

There is a way around if you want to delete all users. If you back up your mongodb (already explained on the forum) in the back up folder you will find mongobackup\AlteryxGallery\users. Deleting the txt in the  file would remove all existing users., unless you can figure out the syntax and delete only specific ones. Since deleting a user doesnt prohibit them to log in to the gallery, deleting all is quite an easy way out. Once you do that, just restore your mongodb(explained already as well) and the gallery will be clean of users.


@Ivano I highly recommend you don't follow this procedure. Not only is it not supported, but it will also orphan all of the ownership references in the DB. This can have a wide array of undesired effects. Some of the side effects of this action may include making some or all of the workflows, collections, subscriptions, etc... inaccessible and unable to be updated/modified. It will also likely break scheduled jobs, workflow credentials, and data connections. You also need to consider the impacts to windows authentication as removing the users from the users collection in the MongoDB does not remove the associated AD account information. This could cause failures when the user attempts to log back or during permissions checks as the account will partially exist. 

5 - Atom
Thanks Kevin. We were quite annoyed that the existing users couldn't log into the gallery due to windows auth error and support did not provide adequate solution. But the new users entered without the problem. Our gallery was cleared when we restored mongodb for other reasons so not really worried about that. However i wouldnt want to mess with somwthin else.
Should I restore the user file to what it used to be? Then we get to the same problem of the above mentioned error.any advice?