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Where is the newbie's guide to using the Gallery?


Where can I find simple documentation for the using the gallery on Alteryx Server (local, not the public Alteryx Gallery)?


A few things I'd like to know...


  • How to publish a workflow so that only a select group of users can see it
  • How to delete a user!


We're using Alteryx 10.6.


Thanks in advance


Hi @patrickk79,


I believe that you are looking for the following document: (attached to this post for convenience).


In Alteryx Gallery, users can be deactivated, not deleted.


Kind regards,



Customer Support Engineer




Hi Paul - thanks for the answer about only being able to deactivate users.  That is good to know.  


Unfortunately, the server quick start guide does not address my other need.  I still need to know how to secure a workflow that is published to the gallery.  I have a workflow that exposes confidential information and thus only a few users should be able to see/run it.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @patrickk79 - great question on sharing workflows. When you save a workflow to a Gallery, it will land in your Studio. The studio is a sort of workspace - only you, and anyone else that your administrator has placed in that same studio, will be able to see workflows saved there (you can see who else is in your studio by going to Settings > Private Studio, and about half way down the page you'll see a list of "Artisans" - if you only see yourself listed, then you're the only one in that studio).

At this point, if you know of a selection of users that you would like to have access to the app/workflow, and they are NOT in your studio, you can share it exclusively with them through a Collection. Collections are a way of grouping users and apps together - any user you put in a collection will have access to whatever apps you place in that collection - though their access will be limited only to running, and if enabled, downloading it - they won't be able to modify it.


Also, regarding the question on deleting users, we do have a more extensive set of documentation that goes over administrative functions of the Gallery that is available online at the URL below:


Let me know if this helps!


Hi @patrickk79,


When uploaded to a gallery,  a workflow could be encrypted.


EncryptWorkflow.pngSave to private Gallery


Please find below relevant parts of 10.6 help regarding workflow encryption:





Customer Support Engineer









Thanks for the follow up.  


I think maybe the issue I am having is that I am testing visibility with a user who is not properly set up and thus nothing is working correctly.  I've posted a separate question regarding how to fix the user's password in the Setup & Configuration forum.  


Linked here for  convenience:



Thank you for posting the description of how the collections and studios are supposed to work.  That's the way I expected things to work, but then it didn't, so it was very confusing.