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Unable to Translate Alias when Publishing App


When attempting to save an app to the gallery I'm receiving "Unable to translate alias" for my Oracle Inputs.  The Oracle connections are configured as "User" on a PC with an Alteryx Server installation, and I don't have the option to choose the "System" type when building an Oracle connection.  I do have the "System" option when building Oracle connections on a different PC, which has a Designer installation.  Actually when I save a workflow that includes "System" connections to the Alteryx Server PC from a different PC, the connections automatically change from "System" to "User" and the dropdown is greyed out.


The Oracle connections/inputs work fine when I run the workflow on the Alteryx Server PC (I get the Alias error only when saving to Gallery).


Under System Settings for Alteryx Server, I have not checked "Run as a different user".  The credentials for the Alteryx Server PC are different from the Oracle credentials.  The Oracle credentials are specific to the databases, whereas the PC credentials is Active Directory User.


Hi @sbaker,


System DSNs can only be created through Alteryx when Alteryx is run as admin.  Are you running 11.0?  If so, please take a look at the following article: Manage Data Connections.  Notice the caveat near the end of the article about creating System DSNs.  Are you able to create system connections with the same name on both your local machine and the worker machine and try again?


Thank you for the information.  I opened Designer as a Windows administrator and I was able change Connections from User to System.  The article was also helpful.