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Temporary PDF Render not Produced in Gallery


I've recently installed Alteryx Server and am testing an App.  When using Temporary PDF Document as the Render Output Mode I receive "This workflow produced no output" in the Gallery. However a PDF is created when I specify a PDF output file & path.  What could be preventing the Temporary PDF from being output?  Thank you.


Hi @sbaker


This was a change made in Alteryx 10.1 because Usage of %temp%, or writing to any location that is considered “temporary” (ex. temporary report output files) when building workflows for execution in a server/gallery is not a recommended practice, and will indeed fail and cause odd behavior.


As a result you will have to choose a location to output the PDF. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant


Hello @JordanB-

Thank You for the reply.

I am experiencing a similar situation . I get what you explained however i would like to deploy the App for the end user so that they can run it "At-Will" and download the specific data. Is there a way to achieve the same through gallery? Thank You. 

In the render tool, you would have to select the last option about writing to a specific location. Then you could provide just a filename (file.pdf for example) or write to the workflow directory using a reference shortcut (%engine.workflowdirectory%file.pdf). Both of these would write to the workflow directory, which would allow the end user to download the file from the gallery.

Hey Patrick,


That solution worked for me except that I no longer see my tab names in the excel document. Any thoughts?