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Schedule Analytic App

7 - Meteor

Good morning to everyone,


I need your help.



In the past I have developed an analytic app using Alteryx, which requires the user to insert an input. The process is simple: the user chooses from a dropdown menu whether to run the workflow with parameter "Runtype" equal to A or E. The workflow have always worked correctly, I assume the details of what the workflow does should be irrelevant to this issue.



What I would like obtain is to be able to schedule the analytic app twice: run every morning with parameter Runtype equal to A, and run every first of month with parameter RunType equal to E.

In other words, I would like to simulate the situation that every morning the user runs the workflow by inputting parameter A, and every first of month there is the user who runs the workflow with parameter E, but actually without the need of asking anything to the user.

Is therefore possible to schedule an analytic app like this?



Thank you in advance for your time and help.

17 - Castor

Hey @Cremo, as apps rely on user input to run, you would instead just need to turn the app into 2 separate, standard workflows - one populated with value/parameter A and the other with parameter E. Once you have your two workflows, you'd just schedule them separately as you've outlined above - once every morning and once every first of the month respectively

7 - Meteor

Thank you both for your answers.

@DataNathI was thinking about it as plan B, I was just wondering if the scheduling of an app could be possible. In a scenario in which there could be more parameters, building and maintain 5-6 different workflows could be more complex.

@patrick_diganthanks, I will do it.