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Saving Chained App to Server

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I am struggling to upload a chained app to server. The first app runs, but then the second app isn't picking up the updated fields to populate the drop down in app 2. Is there something I'm missing? I have ticked to include all workflow assets - and I read something about making the outputs (which are already in yxdb format) as relative file paths




It would be really useful if there was some Alteryx Training on how to upload workflows to server and the things you have may have to change from a Designer run version to a Server Run version. If anyone could point me in the right direction of any training, that would be awesome! I'm also struggling to know when to include assets in Manage Workflow Assets and when not to - does anyone have a decision sheet or anything!


Finally, how do you get an interactive chart to display on server?

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Hi @PeterAP 


These are the steps:

  • There are two Analytics Applications, let's called, "Main-Fron-End" and "Main-Back-End"
  • The "Main-Fron-End" writes to a yxdb (preferible in a folder local to both applications); any name would do; this YXDB file must have two fields NAME and VALUE, nothing else.
  • The "Main-Back-End" includes a dropdown selector, this is its configuration.


  • Now, at the Main-Fron-End application we do the linking at its Interface Designer, as shown below


  • Now this is its execution




  • The Main-Fron-End workflow must deliver the bridge YXDB file in 60 or 90 seconds (don't remember) otherwise, it fails.
  • I had issues deploying updates to the Main-Back-End workflow, usually deleted both from the Gallery and republish.


Hope this helps,


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@ArnaldoSandoval  Thanks! This seemed to work, although I think I had to remove the ".\" from the inputs and outputs on one of my workflows to get this to work, but all seems to work now!

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Hi @PeterAP 


Indeed, the ".\" always troubles me, although the idea is to save the file at the workflow's home directory.