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Upgrading Server 2021.3.5 to 2023.1

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I am upgrading a Server from 2021.3.5, which has mongodb 4.0. Do I first need to upgrade it to 2021.4 (mongodb 4.2) then use the migration tool then upgrade to 2023.1?

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Hi @Brinker ,


Totally fine to move from 21.3 to 23.1 directly. You need an intermediate step to avoid MongoDB versions entirely or in case of other exceptions.

Screenshot 2023-07-28 103709.png


Perhaps you did already, but if not, take a look at these links prior to your upgrade.


This is how I would do it.

  1. If custom R and Python packages are installed on your server, get a list so you can install it back later.
  2. Backup MongoDB and all its files + server snapshot if possible
  3. Run Pre-upgrade Checks to correct possible issues on MongoDB - not doing it can directly impact your upgrade
  4. If errors are found, correct them, check if your server is up and running and backup MongoDB and all its files + server snapshot if possible
  5. Run the migration tool - This can take a few hours, depending on your server size. It is advisable to do it prior to the day of your upgrade (this step is automatically triggered during the server upgrade, so it is optional)
  6. Upgrade your server



Fernando Vizcaino