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Sandbox Environment details for scheduler licenses

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Hi there,


Currently, I am having Alteryx Scheduler license for PROD jobs. I need some details regarding Pre-Prod scheduler licenses.

Could you please provide me the details regarding whole SANDBOX Environment for Scheduler licenses.




Hi @Mohd-Siddiqui1 - Alteryx Desktop Automation (Scheduler) provides a licensed Alteryx Designer user with the ability to schedule the refresh or execution of Alteryx Designer workflows within a Windows desktop operating system environment. Each license of Alteryx Desktop Automation is a single named user license for use only by one authorized Alteryx Designer user and may not be shared between multiple Alteryx Designer users. This license does not grant rights to deploy Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Desktop Automation within a Windows server operating system or a virtualized environment.


Alteryx Server Sandbox: This is a server license for Alteryx Server and entitles the licensee to deploy Alteryx Server on to a single server operating system in a non-production environment for testing and/or development purposes only. There is no restriction on maximum CPU cores. Alteryx Server Sandbox is for staging and testing purposes only, and users cannot use any output in a production environment. Can only be purchased/used where a production Alteryx Server is also licensed. Production is defined as Alteryx Server software deployed on a system running in real-time to support the daily business needs of an organization.


There is no Sandbox Environment for Scheduler. You need to have a Server license in order to be able to consider a Sandbox license.