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Run Multiple Workflows Simultaneously After Main Workflow Runs

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Let's say I have Workflow A which creates Table A.  Then I want to run 10 workflows at the same time immediately after Workflow A in which each of these subsequent workflows would use Table A to join up its own unique data source. So the idea would be to save time in lieu of having one workflow having to wait for each input tool to extract the data.


I would want this to be scheduled on the server which prevents me from using CREW macros.


I also don't believe chained analytic apps would be useful since I want these workflows to run at the same time.


Is there any way it's possible to do this?  I recall at the conference last year there would be sequencing schedules in future releases that I think would apply in my situation but I haven't seen anything like that yet.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



A few thoughts:


1.  CReW macros run on the server. 
2.  There are physical limits to running to many jobs concurrently. 
3.  If 10 jobs read table A, it is likely more performant  to run 1 job that reads it and to perform 10 writes. 

especially when table a is huge, read it once and join away. 




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