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Run Analytic App that has no questions without user input

7 - Meteor

I have a chained analytic app where the first app in the chain requires no input; it runs some queries to determine what to prompt the user in the second app.


When I run the app, even though there are no inputs required it still brings up a prompt when run on the gallery "There are no questions to display." or "This Analytic App requires no configuration." when run locally.  Is it possible to skip this prompt and just have it run and then provide the prompts from the second app?

17 - Castor

Hi @Mike_Olson, as far as I'm aware, this isn't possible. Even though you may not have provided any interface tools/questions, loading an app will always bring up the prompt and so you'll still need to run this first 'ghost' app to populate the values of your following apps in the chain.

8 - Asteroid

I also am unsure this is possible. However, if you are looking to minimize confusion with users, what you could do is configure a dummy interface element like a checkbox to the first app that says "Select box to continue" and simply not connect it to anything. Then the user is given an interactive thereby negating the prompt of there being no questions without altering the data or chain. I've tested this locally as well as within the gallery and gotten success on a manual run, however, I am unsure about a scheduled workflow if that is your aim.  

Hope this helps!

7 - Meteor

Thanks.  I think I can probably move one of the prompts up to the first screen and then pass-through the value, so that the end user at least thinks something is happening.

8 - Asteroid


Interface Designer

Layout View

Add Label

Change the text where asked "enter the text or question to be displayed" (exemple : Thanks to click the "Finish" Button)