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Preventing two different users from simultaneously running a chained app at the same time

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Hi! We have a chained app that uses an intermediate file to populate a dropdown menu dynamically based on the user running the app. I couldn't figure out a way to have the UserID update a file name inside the Dropdown action tool (so we could create unique intermediate files) so right now we're having to use generically named intermediate files from app 1 to app 2. This is fine - unless two users happen to run the chained app at the same time! This could cause the intermediate file from one user to load into the second app of the other user. 


I wanted to know 1) is this actually possible with Alteryx Server (will it allow a chained app to be run by more than one user at the same time) and 2) if it is possible, any suggestions on how to manage that?



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17 - Castor

@alexandramannerings I'll try and find another post where i put in more details, but it's absolutely possible to accomplish what you're after. The goal is to use relative files (ie just filename.yxdb). That way everything is self-encapsulated to the folder it's running in, and there is no chance of overlap on server. So you would want to do a number of things: 1) Put both workflows in the same folder. 2) have your first app write out the file relatively (filename.yxdb). 3) change your first app to just reference the chained app via filename (file2.yxwz) 4) change your dropdown in the second app to be relative (filename.yxdb). and 5) when saving to the gallery, DO NOT PACKAGE your assets just in case that messes anything up.

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Ah I see, I was misunderstanding the role of the relative file paths, but I see the description that Alteryx will create temporary folders, so there's no risk of overlap. 


Thank you!

I've now run into a problem that when I set files in a chained app to relative file paths and try to save them to the server, the validation step fails. I think this is happening because it saves those files to the temporary folder that then doesn't exist again. Is there any way to solve this? Or is it something that we just accept and it will work longterm anyway...?