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Alteryx Gallery - Analytic App enable a cancel/exit button?

7 - Meteor

Hi All, 


Hopefully a simple question, 


When running an analytic app within Alteryx Gallery. Is there a way to include a cancel/Exit button? 


The analytic app that I have requires the user to input various things and then hit run, however there is no cancel/exit button. When you run the App locally on Alteryx Designer this option is available. Is it possible to enable this option on Gallery? 


Thanks for all input! 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @AHill06 ,


If you don`t want to proceed or cancel, you can just select a different page or link, but it would be great to have identical features between Designer and Server.


Would that work, or were you just looking for a similar UI?



Fernando Vizcaino

7 - Meteor

Hi @fmvizcaino 


Yes we realise that we can just click to a different page, but for our actual end users of the workflow this could be a little unnerving as they feel perhaps something is still hanging around connected etc. because they haven't click an actual cancel/exit button. 


It would be great if the same features or at least the exit button was replicated like that in the Designer to the Server version. Just to give the end users a more definitive route. 


Its good to know that I'm not missing the obvious to get a exit/cancel button on in Server.