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Migration workflow utility

Alteryx Partner

@JeffreyP and Community members


It's regarding Gallery Migration Workflow utility uploaded by @JeffreyP at following link


1) While running this workflow received following error. Could you please confirm if there is any specific .exe file required to be placed and what would be it’s path?


Error: PublishWorkflow (18): Record #1: Tool #1: Failed to run external program "..\Supporting_Macros\AlteryxGalleryAPI_PublishWorkflow.exe": The system cannot find the file specified.


I also see as per below screenshot that command arguments has some hard coded values like gallery server etc. How it gets updated relevant to our sever details?



2) There could be multiple private studio’s under source Alteryx server, we would like to get workflows from a particular private studio to be migrated to same private studio in the Target server. How this can be achieved?

As an Gallery admin, I can only see API key and secret of the private studio that I am part of on the source environment. How I can get API key and secret for other private studios so that we can migrate workflow from  a particular private studio to same private studio in the Target server.


Please provide your inputs here if anyone has used this utility.