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Map showing polygon reference file as analytic app, but not in server gallery


I have a workflow that requires the user starting out by selecting 1 or more polygons from a map. This set of polygons is held in a .xydb file that is updated hourly. When I run the whole thing as an analytic app it works great, the problem is moving it to the server gallery.


When I save I do Workflow Options > Manage Workflow Assets > UNCHECK the dropbox polygon file. This is so that Alteryx doesn't just load up a temp file, but reserves the actual file path. Saves great, passes validation (server has access to the dropbox directory).


Now when I go to run it the workflow shows me the map but there's nothing on it...I feel like I'm missing something stupid here but can't for the life of me figure out what it is.




Another couple clues:


If I put a file browse onto the map input tool and allow the user to select the file on dropbox it loads just fine. So with an intermediate human step it works fine, trying to load the file itself it doesn't seem to do anything.


More concerning: If I remove the file from dropbox I hit run and the workflow doesn't even seem to notice and acts like it has been, just showing an empty map. No errors.


Hi @StephenMack,


If you remove dropbox from the equation for a test and put the file somewhere local does the behavior change at all?



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

No change. Dropbox is syncing correctly on the server, so that file is physically there. When I move it to another directory there's no change.


To me it seems like Alteryx doesn't even try to open a reference file with a set path on the server. It's surprising that it works when I use a file browse tool to populate the map, but then that's finding the file on my local machine.


Is it possible this is just a bug?


Is there a log somewhere where it could possibly be throwing an error about not finding the file or something?


Hi Stephen,


Unfortunately I cant replicate this issue. 


If you can email we can get a case created for you and take a look with you.


We wont be able to test the functionality working with dropbox as it is not an officially supported data source (some folks can use it fine without issue). However we can troubleshoot with you the version that references a local file.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Thanks I'll put in a ticket


Thank you Stephen!


I actually just did replicate the issue with a different workflow.


I see what you are seeing. If I don't include the yxdb as an asset my map does not show the reference layer.  We will dig into this for you.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

I also have the same problem. Whenever I upload a map into the gallery, the reference layer doesnt show up.No showing.png



The workflow is preatty easy.




What can I do? I have tryed having the layer checked and unchecked as assets, but neither works.


Whenever I conect a File Browser it does work as expected. 


Sadly it looks like it's a bug. I've been told it's in the development queue for prioritization. Hopefully I'll get word that it's been fixed soon. 


Until then I've had to stick with the manual file load workaround.


does anyone have any updates on this issue?