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Issue with Dynamic Input



I have a folder from which I am trying to append multiple excel files using dynamic input tool. But, among that, metadata of  one of the file has a column as V_WString  and the same column in another file as V_String. Another field has similar issue with one field as String and other as double. So, the input tool skips the entire file. How can we handle this scenario before dynamic input.


The dynamic input tool sees them as having a different schema from the rest which is why they are skipped. The way to overcome this is to create a batch macro to load the files one by one.

Alteryx Partner

agree with @DavidP , in your case you could use the Wildacard XLXS input from the CrewMacro

Thank you for the response. The solution works for static folder paths on a directory


I am using a directory as input for the macro created. But the partial path of my directory is dynamic, which changes on the date


Eg: c:\desktop\new\2019\feb\08-feb-2019


How can i use this dynamic folder names in directory tool.




Can you set your Directory Tool path up a level to say, c:\desktop\new\2019\, and then tick the box to include sub directories? You may then have to use a filter tool to remove some files that you don't want to load with the dynamic input tool

Thank you. It worked as expected.