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How to disable part of a workflow? Container disabled not working on server


I'm having an issue disabling part of my work-flow and still using it on server.  

I have one part of my workflow that isn't needed anymore (will be needed again in the future).  So my thought was to just put those objects in a tool container and disable that container then in the future I can just enable them again.  When I do this and run the workflow on my desktop via designer it works fine.  Unfortunately when I upload that workflow back to the server it seems to run all the tools within that disabled container.  Is that intended?  Is there something else I should be doing to temporarily disable part of my workflow on the server?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

If the tool container is disabled, it should remain disabled when ran no matter how it is executed. You already mentioned what my next comment would have been which was ensure that you replaced the workflow loaded to the Gallery with the updated version.


You could ensure the container is disabled on run by using an Action tool to set Disabled="True" on the container properties.


Disable Container.png






Thanks Charlie.  I think I was a little quick to run the workflow right after publishing.  I published again and then it worked as I expected.  I'm assuming it must have kicked off an "old" version of the workflow the first time I tried.