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Help with formula that involves several steps of calculation

7 - Meteor

Hey there!


I have 3 rows of data. 

First one is time - let´s say I am interested in a 5 years time frame. 

Second and third are variables - X and Y

=> =>=> Data looks like =>=>=>

 Period      X         Y 

 1              0.9       1.1            

 2              0.5        1

 3              2           1.3

 4              4           0.3

 5              2.2        2.1


Calculation for the year one is prety simple.  Ijust need to summarize values  X*Y for all periods (1-5) =>(0,9*1.1)+(0.5*1)+(2*1.3)+(4*0,3)+(2.2*21).


Here comes the tricky part. 


In period 2 I want to skip value of X in period 1 and value of Y for period 5. Calculation should looks like => (0,5*1,1)+(2*1)+(4*1,3)+(2,2*0,3)

In period 3 I want to skip values of X for periods 1 and 2 and values of Y for periods 4 and 5. Calculation should looks like => (2*1.1)+(4*1)+(2*1,3)


Thanks and cheers!




15 - Aurora

HI @sspi1153,


For "period 2" and "period 3" you should be able to do multi-row formulas targeting "row-1" and "row-2" respectively, no?


Hope that helps!