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Error Opening table: Microsoft Access Database Engine: System resource exceeded


Having trouble with desktop scheduler reading the .accdb files. Below error comes up. When I run the workflow manually through the designer, it works fine. I have the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 installed as well and hence it works fine when running through the designer. 


Error Opening Table: Microsoft Access Database Engine: System resource exceeded.\3035 = -66192371


The access databases (.acdb files) are mostly 800 MB in size. 


Tested the workflow in two systems. Seeing the error in both the systems. Below are the configurations of the systems.


System 1:


Intel Xenon E5@2.5GHZ (2 processors)

32.0 GB RAM

64 Bit windows


System 2


Intel Core I7 @ 1.9GHZ 

32.0 GB RAM

64 Bit windows



Appreciate the help.

@pen_aa if your "Run As" user configured with your own credentials?
Edit: this article references Alteryx Server, but is is the same process for Designer if you're using the scheduling function.


Thanks @patrick_mcauliffe  for the reply.



I think it's not related to credentials as the scheduled workflow works fine in some weeks without any error.


This workflow is a weekly schedule and the .accdb files get generated weekly and hence differs in size from week to week. Last week the workflow gave that memory error whereas this week it's running fine. 


Any other suggestions you might have for me?





My workflow crashed this time around and hence got a chance to check the idea you suggested.


I changed the Run As User credentials to mine and it still crashes with that memory error.



@pen_aa Where is the file located?  (network drive, local drive, etc)


@patrick_mcauliffe  file is located in the network drive.

Check with your IT infrastructure department about downtime, scheduled maintenance, and latency to that specific drive.

I've seen similar issues when Alteryx isn't able to connect to the drive immediately due to one of the above.

To a user those would just appear as a network drive taking a while to come up when opened in Windows, whereas Alteryx would see it as unavailable.


Got it. Thanks, @patrick_mcauliffe.


Will check with them.