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Encryption and Information Security in Analytical Apps

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I am connecting to an Oracle database using a OCI connection string. The workflow is created in such a way that every user can first enter their database user name and password in text input, which further gets replaced in the OCI connection string and data is pulled from a given table with row level security.
I am now concerned with the security leaks in my Analytical App, it is deployed on the Alteryx Server.

Below are the series of events which are happening in my case and I want to know if there is a possibility of the password or usernames being leaked through the network or saved on the server in plain text:


1. The user is accessing the Analytical App through a collections URL, when he clicks the run button in the url, the Analytical App UI appears wherein he enters the user name and password (masked text) in respective fields and presses the "Finish" button on the app.


2. When Finish is clicked, users input are collected and transported from his browser to the Alteryx server and further into the workflow's connection string to further run the workflow basis the inputs given. (my understanding correct me if am wrong)


My confusion:

1. Once the data packets arrive in the Alteryx server, do the username and password remain only in the Alteryx servers memory or are they saved somewhere on disk? If yes then is it saved in human readable format or is it encrypted?

2. When user's inputs are collected in the Analytical app do they travel through the network in encrypted form or in plain text, is this the same even if text inputs are masked?


I am not immediately aware of any issues with OCI connections, but this is an important topic that may require more detail than is convenient in this public forum.  If you hold a paid license, you can contact Support for further information.

Lisa LePome
Senior Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.