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ERROR SSL_read in ImpalaODBC while refreshing tables from ALteryx SQL Prepare

5 - Atom

Recently we have been "randomly" receiving and inpalaODBC error in our batch jobs while refreshing our tables using Alrteryx SQL prepare. The ERROR is shown only in the Workflow log, when we review the query history in claudera, all the refresh table statements were successful. 

The error is:

Error SQLPrepare: [Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (450) Error when calling the Impala Thrift API ExecuteStatement: SSL_read: error code: 0


10 - Fireball

Hi @cse_victor,


Thank you for posting. 


From ODBC Data Source Administrator, could you please provide:


- the version of your Impala driver (at the bottom of the window when you click on "Configure" for your driver entry)

- a screenshot of your Advanced Options for your driver settings


I would suspect either an issue with the driver itself (solved by a reinstall, or an update) or a timeout problem, depending on your volume of data.


The versions of the driver tested by Alteryx are available here: