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Dynamic In DB connection on the Alteryx company gallery

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Hi All,


i have a workflow which uses a dynamic input In-DB tool to accept the query and the connection supplied to to it. I am making a dynamic query in a formula tool and that works perfectly. The connection that I am supplying to it also works perfectly on my laptop. This connection was created in accordance with the instructions supplied here. I save the indbc file on my laptop, give the file path to the formula tool which eventually feeds the dynamic input In-DB tool and everything works. The issue comes when:

I try to generalise the in-db connection path. eg. make it something like "File:\in_db_connection.indbc" or various versions of that as instructed here.


This is when in-db tool gives up. 

It is very important for me to generalize it as I want to publish on the gallery where I don't really know the path where the indbc file will be saved. 

are there any alternatives to this approach?


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I have resolved it myself by using the "connection name" instead of the connection path. Alias with the same connection name is now set up in the server and the workflow works well!

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I'm having this same issue where my workflow is working fine if i run it from laptop but when i publish it to gallery its not able to find the connection. I'm using gallery connection that was created by admin on the gallery. i'm connecting to Redshift database. 


@kpiyush88  can you share the screenshots of your solution?