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Difference between Alteryx Gallery License and Alteryx Server License

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Hi there,


I am learning about the different licenses which are available in Alteryx.

I have learned most of the differences between Alteryx Gallery license and Alteryx server license, but still need some more understanding on both.

Please if you can help me to learn some more differences between the two licenses.




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Hi @Mohd-Siddiqui1 


When you have an Alteryx Server license you are able to share workflows within the organization through collections, you can schedule workflows as well and run workflows within the Alteryx Gallery.


With a Designer license you can build out workflows, and then upload them to Alteryx Gallery (Server license) in order to share the workflows with other users.



Hello @Mohd-Siddiqui1 


Just to clarify there is mainly 2 types of licences when it comes to alteryx desktop solution. the alteryx designer licence which would enable you to develop workflow through the alteryx designer desktop solution ( per user basis) and then you have the alteryx server licence which would enable you to have acces to the Alteryx Server and its functionalities ( scheduling , sharing worflows , governing your workflows etc. ) the alteryx gallery of your organisation is a componenent of the alteryx server, therfore there is no license associated to it.


Hoppefully this answer your question :)



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hi , does alteryx designer and alteryx intelligence suite required 2 difference licence? 

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Hi @wildandsi, yes intelligence suite is an add-on: