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Create a column based on another



Alteryx Certified Partner

If seems like the basic idea of the 'YEAR' field is determined by the 'PAY ELEMENT' field begins with "FY". If it does begin with "FY", take the first 4 characters. When it does not, should you take the year from the previous row? What if the first row of 'PAY ELEMENT' doesn't begin with "FY"?


Anyways, I've attached a quick example using a Multi-Row Formula tool. 


Thank you :)


Hello there, 


is there a way to add "FTE" & "CURRENT_BASE" to every year? it is basically what you asked before (What if the first row of 'PAY ELEMENT' doesn't begin with "FY"?)

Please advise. Thank you in advance!!




Alteryx Certified Partner

The rows can be forced in, but how would you like to populate the "AMMOUNT" field? I imagine there would be rules to that.


Hi Charlie,


Actually, there is a slight change on how the desire outcome should look like. Please see below

Not sure if I have to create a table for every year then combine/join them..this would be my issue.

Thank you in advance for your help!!